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Kindbrew Records was founded in the summer of 2020 by Austyn (aka. coldbrew) and his wife Gabbie. Prior to starting Kindbrew, Austyn released his own music through other labels in the lofi / chill music scene. After releasing with many labels (and learning a lot in the process), he decided to take all of the good things, ditch the not so good things, and create a new artist-owned label that valued transparency and truly put artists first.


Over the past two years, many prominent artists have trusted us with their music such as Oatmello, Twuan, Two Sleepy, Ameba, Kurt Stewart, farewell, Devon Rea, steezy prime, and plenty of others. That trust is not something we take lightly, so our goal is to make sure artists are happy by treating them fairly and getting their music to as many ears as possible. 


We've grown our total playlist reach to over 230,000 followers and landed Spotify editorial placements on playlists like lofi beats, Jazz Vibes, Lush Lofi, Lo-Fi Cafe, Mellow Beats, Chill Out Music, Mellow Lofi Morning, and Focus Flow. Additionally, Kindbrew releases have been featured on Apple Music editorial playlists including Bedtime Beats, BEATstrumentals, and Pure Focus.

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