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Q&A / Colens

What or who inspired you to start making music?

  • My sister actually… when we were younger she started playing the acoustic guitar and was always practicing in our living room. Watching her play sparked my interest and I decided to give it a try as well. Ever since then, I’ve been practicing and making music.


What is your favorite season and why?

  • Wintertime! I love the cold and especially the snow. When I was little we had a lot of snow but now there’s none. I’m always hoping that there will be a lot of snow again one day.


What inspires you the most in your daily life? Why?

  • It’s sometimes difficult for me to find inspiration because it always comes in waves and I work a lot, so I’m mostly exhausted when I get home and that ruins my motivation a bit… but it doesn’t really bother me because I love my job!


Where do you feel the most centered and happy?

  • I feel the most centered and happy whenever I’m at work. I work with disabled people and they communicate with you in a different way that just makes them unique and extremely amazing to work with. The moment I see them and they become happy, my heart starts to melt and it puts a smile on my face. 


If you could relive one moment from your life, which would it be?

  • I would relive my first day of school… I cried because my mom left me with my classmates, there was only one seat left in the classroom, and a kid told me to come and sit next to him. He comforted me, we became friends, and now I can’t call him a friend anymore, but a brother. 

Producer / The Netherlands

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