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Q&A / Prithvi

What is your creative process like when making music?

  • I try to write chords and melodies first, if the idea sounds good then I move forward to adding more elements to it like drums and synths etc, although this sounds boring but trust me, when I do it, I'm the happiest man alive on planet earth :D 


What is your favorite season and why?

  • I love all seasons, but spring would be my favorite as nature gets reborn and I just love to feel its youth every year. It just never ceases to amaze me!


If you could relive one moment from your life, which would it be?

  • There was a day that I reckon every now and then when I was little and I was playing with mud balls with my friends on a rainy day. If it were possible I would like to relive that day...


What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

  • My maternal Grandfather used to say that whatever happens, don't lose your kindness and don't lie to yourself. It's the best advice that I ever received from someone.


Aside from lofi/chill beats, what is your favorite music genre?

  • I listen to almost every genre, from Heavy Metal to Folk music, and as long as the storytelling is good, I can relate to it.

Producer / India

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