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Q&A / Septober

What inspires you the most?

  • Seeing people do the thing that they're most passionate about. It always motivates me to get better at my craft.


If you could tell every person in the world one thing, what would it be

  • Spread love.


Where do you feel the most centered and happy? 

  • Definitely at home. Coffee, beats, and my dogs. It's a good time. :)


Aside from lofi/chill beats, what is your favorite music genre?

  • I'm really loving the new UK garage wave right now. Some really cool stuff coming out of that genre. It's fun to jam out to something that isn't so sleepy sometimes.


In the last five years, what new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved your life?

  • Meditating and being still. It helps when I'm feeling down about something or having a bad day. It allows me to observe my thoughts rather than identify with them. Game changers for sure.

Producer / United States

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